1. Committee
    There are several positions on our committee and sub-committees
  2. Hospitality            Sign up to meet and greet women at the Hospitality Tent
  3. Set Up / Breakdown Help is always appreciated

Our Mission



2023 WITS Committee Looking for new Volunteers


Whether you are in AA, CA, NA, or Al-Anon
​this Campout is for you!


Donations of snacks and water are appreciated!

We are also looking for donations this year of shoe boxes and/or coffee cans. 

The vision for this Camp-out is to have women in recovery come together to share their experience, strength, wisdom and spirituality with women who have just begun  their journey in recovery. Our hope is to share in the spirituality of sobriety. We realize that traditional retreats are often expensive. It is our aim to make this weekend local and affordable. We want to enjoy a weekend with all groups of recovery in order to gain insights on the various spiritual aspects of the recovery process. We celebrate the different beliefs and practices that everyone brings to this retreat. This is what makes this weekend so exciting! This is a time for women to bond, build stronger relationships with each other and form new ones.

This mission statement was inspired by the founders of Women in the Spirit, Raquel Davis, Marie Kington and Lisa Gonzalez